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Are dementia residents receiving the right amount of care?

One in 14 people aged over 65 will develop dementia with around 850,000 people in the UK already living with the condition. Running several businesses whilst raising five children at the same time would seem like too much to juggle for most people, but for Chalman Gill, it was a blessing. Five o’clock starts in the early hours of the morning, getting his children dressed and ready for school, was always the highlight before heading off to meet with his employee’s. However, once Gill reached his

Why video marketing is important for your brand

Advertising purely with images may now be a thing of the past as the rise in video content is at the top of everyone’s marketing strategy. Video marketing is easy to consume and has shown higher engagement, perfect for any business aiming to grow their social presence. According to a 2017 Hubspot Content Trends Survey, 54% of consumers said they would like to see more video content from a brand or business that they support. It’s not hard to see why more than half of consumers feel this way, cr

Coffee cups conversion

The need to recycle and save the planet is serious now more than ever. Leeds have shown shoppers in Trinity how to properly dispose of their coffee cups so they can be reused to create high quality paper products. Every day, thousands of coffee cups will go straight into the bin without any thought of where they will end up next. #LeedsByExample is a scheme which provides 39 orange bins dotted in and around the city centre specifically for coffee cups to be recyclable and to separate them fro